Tim Kaine is Clinton’s VP Choice

by Right Wing Fighter

Tim Kaine, a Democratic senator from Virginia, is Clinton’s choice for VP.

This is significant.

Seeing as he is both white and male, this signals that the Clinton campaign is skittish.

They could have picked Elizabeth Warren, and pleased the feminists.

They could have picked Julian Castro, and pleased the illegal aliens and the Mexican chauvinists in the country.

Instead, they chose the “working-man” type senator from Virginia.

This signals:

(A), that they are afraid of losing working-class voters;

(B), that the Clinton campaign is more conservative, campaign strategy-wise.

Democrats have frequently won working-class voters because they lie better than Republicans do. Neither party, generally speaking, cares about workers. But the Democrats do a better job of hiding it, and so they get more working-class voters.

The Clinton campaign is worried that Trump is going to run off with the election by carrying white workers and the middle class. They’re probably right.

With Trump’s trademark boldness, I expect him to destroy Kaine’s pathetic “working-man” image.

The reason this signals a more conservative approach is that, instead of trying to reach for non-whites to win, the Clinton campaign is reaching for white workers, who were the core of the New Deal coalition. Obama tried to make the party into the party of non-Americans and non-normal people. The Clinton campaign is trying to pull the working-class back into the party again. It is still a feminist campaign, but they’re trying to add a large working-class adjunct.

Against Jeb Bush, that probably would have worked.

Against Trump? Unlikely.