Cruz is a Greasy Character

by Right Wing Fighter

A Ted Cruz quote from a Politico article:

“This isn’t just a team sport, we don’t just put on red jerseys, blue jerseys, and yay! This is about principles, ideas, standing for what we believe in,” he said. “I have to say it was somewhat dismaying that apparently some of Donald’s biggest partisans right down front, when they heard ‘you should vote for someone you can trust to defend freedom … immediately began booing. I gotta say, that’s a little bit troubling.”

Cruz knows why they began booing: because Cruz’s “freedom” rhetoric was just a cover for breaking his pledge. He’s acting like it’s, you know, disturbing that people could boo him when he’s talking about freedom. But he knows full well that they were booing him, not freedom.

He’s very greasy indeed.