What is Leadership?

by Right Wing Fighter

I clicked on the radio for a few seconds earlier and caught a bit of the Republican convention that’s going on in Cleveland right now.

Some woman, I didn’t catch her name, said that America isn’t leading right now. That there’s a void in the world, and that we need leadership.

This has been Republican boilerplate for the past six years now. At almost every media appearance in which they need to attack Obama, they always attack him over “leadership.” They never define what actual leadership is. They don’t actually know what leadership is. Thus they just wave it around like a totem that will cure all ills.

So, what is leadership? I’ll tell you.

A leader is a man that gets his people from point A to point B. Basically he’s a shepherd. His job is to get his followers over the rocks, across the rivers, and around the bends. In short, he is a navigator with executive powers.

Now, the Republicans, to a man, are attached to the idea that life consists of going after what you want. There are no goals that transcend your personal sphere. There is simply what you want. You can have goals. But there can be no corporate goals. That is, there can be no group goals.

Now, a nation is a group, per se. It is a collection of people. If a political party doesn’t believe in group goals, it cannot lead a group, because there is no where that the group can go. To the Republican party, there is no point B: there is simply what you personally want.

That’s why they blather about leadership. It’s just blather, because they don’t actually believe in it. They don’t believe leadership actually exists, because they don’t believe in anything beyond individual wants. They don’t believe in anything transcendent.

Now, the reason groups need leaders is because the ability to see beyond one’s own circumstances is rare. Most people can run their own ships. But to manage an entire fleet requires powers that only a handful of people have. As such, a group cannot lead itself. It requires a man that can see beyond his own life and circumstances.

That is something the GOP cannot provide. It’s loaded with self-seekers and muddle-headed people who think that blathering about individual responsibility will fill the leadership void. Thus they need a leader, like Trump, to descend from the ether and take the reins. Without him, they’d be just as lost as ever.