A 2016 Election Poem

by Right Wing Fighter

I’m sick of Obama, that terrible man,
Who’s hurt America all that he can.
But do not fret, for soon we will dump,
That terrible man, and replace him with Trump!

But this may not happen, if some on the right,
Keep pushing for Hillary, with all of their might.
They would prefer Clinton, though she they dread,
Rather than have Donald Trump as their head!

This is because, a globalist she,
Is less objectionable than Donald T;
For money is what makes their world go ’round,
And it may yet throw Populism to the ground.

This is the battle, this is the score,
The globalists with the People have started a war;
To control the government that has made them rich,
They’ll take no prisoners: this is politics.

Written by Yours Truly.