More on Brexit

by Right Wing Fighter

Here’s an interesting quote from the Financial Times:

…[T]he Brexit vote has shaken basic assumptions about ever-deepening globalisation and western democracies’ willingness to pursue market-friendly policies, which could sap broader corporate confidence. 

That’s exactly what Brexit was meant to do: stick a knife in the vampire’s heart of globalism.

I find it odd how open these people are about globalism. It seems to me even 20 years ago they’d use some other word. “Interconnectedness,” for instance. Or “cooperation.” But just to outright say globalism indicates that the elite is getting intellectually inbred. They’re spending so much time with each other that they don’t know what they sound like to everyday people anymore. This exposes them to greater electoral trouble, both here and in Europe.

It’s also important to note the link the Financial Times draws between Brexit and corporate confidence. It “could sap broader corporate confidence” for the reason I’ve been posting on for some time now: business wants one connected market. Every time they have to go through national borders, profits are impacted. This is because compliance with laws and tariffs cuts into the bottom line. They’d prefer just one market with one set of global rules.

Never mind that this will obliterate the existence of nations in time. These guys don’t care about that. Money is the numero uno to them.

And people can’t figure out why Trump is popular.