We do what We’re bad at

by Right Wing Fighter

Have you ever wondered why some people find life so hard? Also, have you ever wondered why so many people don’t use their natural talents?

The reason is this: we measure the world by our own standards. Things we are talented at we find easy. As such, we think they have little value. The things we find hard are things we value, since they are more difficult to achieve. As such, we strive for them, and brag about them, because we think that’s what other people value too.

Thus we get everything exactly backwards. Instead of valuing and doing what we’re good at, we strive for what we’re bad at. But the world consists of more than just us. And the people we live with often value the things in us that we take so cheaply.

We should all learn to focus on our talents instead. Those are the really valuable things we can do, since we can do them so well.