Joe McCarthy: Patriot

by Right Wing Fighter

Joe McCarthy was a patriot. So why was he attacked?

Because the academic left harbored a great affection for the Soviet system. These people admired the top down society of the Russians because they always admired the idea of controlling other people’s lives. Never mind that under the Soviet system, they’d probably be in camps or under surveillance.

But these sorts of people don’t think realistically. They only imagine themselves as among the elect, the believers of the system that will deliver them power. As such, they virulently hated anyone that got in the way of their imagined road to power. McCarthy was such a man. Because of that, he was attacked in every possible way.

It’s difficult to form a personal picture of the man since he lived a simple life outside the Senate. There simply aren’t that many details about his life. What we do know is that he was a simple, straightforward, common-American kind of man. He enjoyed talking to the elevator controllers and the workmen in the senate. He liked the common man.

That explains why he fought for America and was neither bought off nor scared off. It also explains why the elites hated him. He threatened their power by being uncontrollable by them. As such, he threatened their goals. This they wouldn’t tolerate, and they set about to destroy him.

They didn’t succeed in destroying him. But unfortunately, he died at 48. Thus ended his career. Would that it had been longer!