A Little More About Money in Politics

by Right Wing Fighter

I was just thinking about Theodore Roosevelt’s administration and his trust busting. Much of his administration was spent attacking money in politics and big business’s control of the government.

Roosevelt’s tenure stretched from 1901 to 1909. In this era, the Republican party was supreme. And in the Republican party business was supreme. Most of the party bosses, the men that controlled the day-to-day affairs of the party, were rich businessmen. The chairman of the GOP, Mark A. Hanna, was an iron magnate. The boss of Republican politics in New York, Thomas Collier Platt, was also a rich businessman.

In addition to this, men like J. P. Morgan, who were wealthy beyond anything they could ever spend, were courted endlessly both for money and advice. Chiefly the advice was sought in order to get the money. But it was still sought.

Back then money in politics was obvious, because there weren’t the same finance laws like we have now. Now they have to funnel their money through Super PACs and “advocacy groups.” This does a lot to hide them from the public. As such, political issues appear to be more intellectual than they really are. This gives a layer of authenticity to our present day politics that it doesn’t deserve.