Scotland Voted to Stay in the EU

by Right Wing Fighter

By a fascinatingly large majority, Scotland voted to remain in the EU. So did Northern Ireland.

The U.K. is of course made up of more than one country: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Here’s how they voted, according to the BBC:

England: 53.4% Leave | 46.6% Remain

Wales: 52.5% Leave | 47.%% Remain

Scotland: 38% Leave | 62% Remain

North Ireland: 44.2% Leave | 55.8% Remain

I was surprised to find that the Scottish, with their reputation for hardy independence, would vote so hugely to stay. Looks like they aren’t so independence minded after all.

It’s a good thing for England that it has the biggest population. That’s the only way that Leave was able to win.