How the Right can Succeed

by Right Wing Fighter

For the Right to succeed in politics, it has got to align itself completely with the people. For decades, it has refused to do so. It has always considered populism as something dirty or uncontrollable, and has shied away from it. The fact is, many on the Right would rather lose to the liberals than win with the common, everyday people of America. Why?

To start with, some of them are just snobs. They prefer the refined, “cultural” things in life that most Americans, myself included, don’t care about. Art, classical novels, and so forth, are nice and all but they don’t pay the bills. The right wingers that prefer such things I’ve dubbed the “High Right.” They’re basically American and patriotic, but they don’t like to descend below a certain level that they have in their minds. Their thinking tends to be abstract, intellectual, and completely useless. They can’t get anything done, because they never come down from the clouds of philosophy long enough to do it. They tend to be the gatekeepers of opinion on the right, since they give more time to intellectualism.

On the other hand, there’s what you might call the “Low Right.” To these people, the heart and soul of America is simply doing whatever you want, as long as nobody gets hurt. Many talk show hosts are part of the Low Right. Basically, their whole “philosophy” can be summed up as: do what you want, and let others do the same. They can’t fight the liberals at all, since liberalism is basically a headless, immoral version of their own philosophy. And so they mostly stagger around like slightly confused monkeys, not sure what to say or do next. Their minds and thoughts are never clear.

The average American, like yours truly, for instance, doesn’t care about the Right’s obsession with either (A), artistic living; or (B), freedom to do anything that doesn’t impede other people. Most of us know, for instance, that drugs must be illegal because they are destructive. The High Right sneers at drugs, as being dirty. The Low Right is a little worried about drugs, mostly from habit, but at bottom doesn’t oppose them as long as the user doesn’t hurt anybody. Of course, this is stupid. Whatever we do affects everyone around us. And to pretend that it doesn’t is just sticking their heads in the sand and humming loudly. Besides, there is no right to self-destruction.

In order for the Right to win, it must come back to normal, practical reality and look at the world the way the average American does. The Right needs to be both practical and tough, not whimsical and airheaded. There are real problems that must be solved. Some of them have to be solved by the government. Trump is succeeding because he’s being practical and tought. He’s looking problems in the face and dealing with them. He doesn’t care about the Right’s obsession with “liberty” or art. If the Right wants to win, it must learn from his example.