The AP Fawns over Clinton’s Attacks on Trump

by Right Wing Fighter

From the AP:

NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Clinton may have found her message.

Wrapped in the guise of a foreign policy speech, Clinton delivered a political thrashing of Donald Trump on Thursday that was unquestionably a standout moment for a candidate who has often struggled to focus her White House campaign.

Clinton’s sharply targeted remarks served notice on the presumptive Republican nominee that she’s prepared for a bruising general election fight, one that’s centered squarely on his competency to serve as commander in chief.

“He is not just unprepared – he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility,” Clinton said.

Those are the exact same things that Republicans have said against Trump ever since he entered the race. Clinton is hardly treading new ground, and for the AP to treat this as some kind of thrashing is absurd. They’re just cheerleading for Clinton.

Trump essentially won the nomination when he destroyed Cruz and Kasich in Indiana back on May 3rd. That was a month ago. If Clinton is so tough, why hasn’t she defeated Sanders and won the nomination already? She has already had the deck stacked in her favor because of the Superdelegates. She already has name recognition and a built in body of support in the Democratic party. So why is she still fighting with Sanders?

This is why: she is a weak candidate. Yes, she’ll still give Trump a battle in the fall. But remember that unknown senator Obama was able to take the nomination from her in 2008. Remember that an old man from Vermont, a socialist no less, is giving her a run for her money with hardly any Superdelegate support.

Ignore the media, both right and left. Clinton will only be tough to beat because she is the Democratic nominee, not because she is a strong candidate.