David Limbaugh, and the “Constitutional Conservatives”

by Right Wing Fighter

From David Limbaugh’s column from today:

Apart from the endless question of who always will, who probably will, who may and who never will vote for Donald Trump, I’d like to call a temporary truce between the believers and the skeptics and warn against any conscious abandonment or neglect of our founding principles.

I sense that the Trump movement in some ways presents a false choice — that we either temporarily abandon our principles to save America or preserve our principles and lose America. To the contrary, even if we take drastic action, we must always do so within the constraints of the Constitution — being mindful that to restore America’s greatness, we must reclaim our founding principles.


Even if you disagree, Trump supporters, please humor us and understand we will always believe, like Larry Arnn, that neglecting our founding principles has imperiled our liberties and that learning and aspiring to what is noble and virtuous is necessary to perpetuate our freedom and our justice.

What has all this talk about founding principles done over the past few decades? Has America become more moral? Has it strengthened its economy? Has it built a wall and secured its borders? Has it punished bad, activist judges and replaced them with good judges? Has it, at bottom, done anything other than lose?

What power does constitutionalism have in politics? Have the constitutionalists won anything in the last 30 years? Of course I love the constitution. But this battle plan of “blather about the constitution, and the founding, and [awe filled sigh] limited government” hasn’t worked at all. The only time the conservatives have managed to win anything was with Reagan, and he left office 30 years ago. These guys should wake up, realize that their method isn’t working, and try nationalism instead.

And why don’t they? Why is nationalism beyond them? They love to blather about limited government, capitalism, and “founding principles.” But they should realize that all of these things are meant to serve the people. That is their mistake: they put the wagon before the horse. They think American voters should vote, not what is good for them, but for what will fulfill “conservative principles.” That, and no other reason, is why the conservatives fail. They don’t realize what most of the electorate realizes: that principles exist to serve people; people don’t exist to serve principles.

But listen to this crowd, and that is all you’ll get. Never a word about serving the people of America. Instead, it is always about voting for their principles. At bottom, principles, and not people, are all that matter to this crowd. That is why they fail.