What the Modern Right Wants

by Right Wing Fighter

This, at bottom, is what the modern right wants:

That people should be good, without being at all compelled to be good. That the economy should function well, but without the government compelling it in any way. That foreign policy should just “work,” and not involve either (A) a humongous military establishment or (B) large expenses.

They also want people to not use drugs, but again without being compelled to avoid drugs. They can’t bring themselves to prosecute the War on Drugs, but yet they want America to be drug free.

They want America to be largely traditional in outlook and manners, but wont halt the immigration invasion that is changing the entire character of America. They also want government to be debt-free, but wont make the necessary spending cuts.

The right consists of more than one faction of course, so it’s hard to nail them down to one single motive. But broadly speaking, the right wants America to be good, but without compulsion. This is why the right is a failure: it refuses to do what is necessary to make America good, and thus has to take out its desires in dreams.

So broadly speaking, the whole problem with the right is that it wont compel anyone or anything. Their desires are generally good, but their refusal to compel anyone against his will has paralyzed them. The rot runs deep now, and much of the right consists of battered sentimentalists that spend their time reassuring each other that they’re right, and that all it will take is for the American people to “wake up” for all to be well. That this will never happen without leadership is lost on them. They wont bring themselves to see that, though the American people are our brothers and sisters and we love them, that yet they wont organically organize themselves and make a cultural revolution.

All reformations are driven by leaders: they never run from the bottom up. The modern right more or less knows how America should be, but it wont put its hands on the controls. It wont take control, because it refuses to compel. It is too deeply wedded to the idea of liberty. That, broadly speaking, is what neutralizes the modern right as an effective force in politics and culture.