Tax Cuts: Are They So Important?

by Right Wing Fighter

The answer to that is: yes and no.

Yes tax cuts are a good thing, provided the government has the money it needs to function. But tax cuts shouldn’t make up so much of the right’s governmental program.

As long as the government has the funding it needs, taxes should be as low as possible. This is just common sense.

But the right ought to have more of a program than just “cut taxes, cut regulation, and let the economy boom.” Okay, but what about our bad trade deals? What about immigration and foreign competition? What about the educational problems we have, where students graduate high school and aren’t fit for good jobs?

Obviously cutting taxes and regulations is only the starting point. It is a good place to start, but that’s all it is. A much more mature economic program is needed than just cutting red tape. Back in the 80s, when high taxes, regulations, and inflation were the chief problems, it was correct to focus on them a lot. But now, the main problems are too much immigrant labor, too much foreign competition, and too much outsourcing. These are the main problems killing the US economy.

To deal with them, we need to be up to date. We can’t go recycling the economic prescriptions that were popular when our current political class were in their youth. We need to fix today’s problems, not yesterday’s.

The main problem on the right is that they are thinking like this is 1981. All of their economic, domestic, and foreign policy plans are based in the 80s. The problem is that times have changed. Yesterday’s problems and enemies aren’t today’s. This is why they are always prattling about the dangers of Putin. Yes Putin is a problem, but Russia isn’t the Soviet Union anymore. It has neither the strength nor the will to dominate the world. But the right is almost giddy when they get to talk about combating Putin. They love the idea of sparring with Russia, because it is an enemy they are familiar with.

And what about domestic policy? The right still blathers about “encouraging families and traditional values.” They are blind to the fact that the social structure that fostered families and good values is gone. What America needs is a social reformation. In essence, America needs social restructuring. The right thinks like the old ways are possible because it is blind to the changes that have taken place. It is living in the past, and with every day that passes, the right becomes less useful because it becomes less relevant.

What America needs is a clear-sighted assessment of what it is doing wrong, and advocacy for how it can do right. A reformation isn’t as hard as it sounds: it only requires people to change their thinking and thus their actions. But a reformation can only be started by people that are willing to look honestly at where we are now, and where we need to go. It can’t be done by people living in the past.

That is why the right is largely useless today. We are living in a period of vast, diverse changes all coming one after another. The modern right is living in the 80s, which were the jumping off point for the world of today. That is when America bid goodbye to the old ways. Reagan, who was born generations earlier, was 70 when he was inaugurated. He was a throwback president, sort of a final hurrah for the old ways of thinking.

After Reagan came the cold, calculating, bureaucratic H.W. Bush. Bush was in many ways a modern president: he had very little substance. Just like the modern era has very little substance.

These are hard facts, but they are true facts. They must be faced. But it must also be understood that these problems can be fixed. Our situation is not hopeless. But it can only be helped by a mature, intelligent view of our situation.

Believe me, our situation can be fixed.