Immigration Must End

by Right Wing Fighter

As the title says, immigration must end. We’ve already imported many more people than we need. They do not consist of the kinds of people that built America in the first place, and they are changing the nature of the country.

This is perfectly fine for leftists: they never liked the country anyway. I scratch my head a few minutes everyday, trying to figure out why they don’t like America. But I’ve never come up with an adequate answer. Suffice it to say, they hate the USA.

It frequently makes Memorial Day feel phony when I think that so many of our politicians and bureaucrats hate America. How can you take a holiday seriously when many members of your own government hate what it means? A house divided indeed.

It feels like an occupational government. It gives official holidays a strange, unreal feel to know that many in our government pay lip service to them, but snarl at them in private.