Modern Conservatives Don’t Stand for Anything

by Right Wing Fighter

It stuck me yesterday: for two decades now modern conservatives have been making Hillary Clinton out to be the devil in the flesh. They loved to pound on her day and night. Talk radio especially loved to attack Clinton as being the worst president imaginable.

And yet, many would rather lose to Clinton than win with Trump. Consider Bill Kristol and his efforts to get a third party going just to keep Trump from winning the election. Consider how day and night, many mainstream conservatives have been attacking him more than they are attacking Clinton or Sanders. If Clinton is indeed the devil to these people, how can they possibly be willing to lose to her unless they never actually believed in anything to start with? If she will destroy the country, and yet they prefer her, then what can you conclude other than that the country means less to them than defeating Trump?

They love to blather about their principles. Well what good are principles if you’ll throw away your nation to “preserve” them?

Sometimes I don’t get these people at all. In fact, I never do. I can’t understand how pathetic “principles” of free-market economics are worth more than the nation.