The Refugee System is a Scam for America

by Right Wing Fighter

We should end the refugee system permanently. All we are getting out of it is droves of people from incompatible cultures that put our own people at risk.

Why should the American people have to deal with, say, Muslim Somalis that want to keep livestock in their yards? Why should the American people have to even think about such a thing?

If conditions in Somalia, or any other third world country are so bad, it is the responsibility of its people to set it straight. It is not the responsibility of Americans to have to deal with this.

Now, if rich people, or influential people want to help them in their own countries, then well and good. They should be encouraged to do so. But the moment these same “big hearted” people want to bring them here, where they can’t be assimilated, they must be opposed. The United States is not a charity: it is a nation. This idea that we are responsible for all the poor and oppressed in the world is false. These people are responsible for themselves. We aren’t their guardians.