The Military’s Purpose

by Right Wing Fighter

Briefly stated, the military’s purpose is to kill enemy soldiers. It isn’t a pretty or nice job, but that is it’s purpose.

Both Republican and Democratic presidents have used it for social engineering projects and for nation building in the middle east. For example, Obama has used it to try to legitimize homosexuals by letting them serve publicly in the military. The point of this is to wrap a certain honor around homosexuals. Additionally, it is supposed to make it mainstream.

George W. Bush used the military as a nation building force when he used it to hold up Iraqi “Democracy” after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Again, that was contrary to the military’s purpose. The military got ground down, both physically and psychologically in Iraq holding up a government that was going to collapse within a few years of our departure. It was a stupid waste of military men and material.

Any government or nation that needs our military to hold it up wont last long. We’d be better off not getting involved if we can avoid it, and leaving in place whatever governments exist. If we have to get involved, we should stay in for as long as we have to for our interests, and then pull out. We shouldn’t risk any more of our soldiers in nations that refuse to fight for themselves.