Nonsense at American Thinker

by Right Wing Fighter

An author named Fritz Pettyjohn at American Thinker, after recounting a brief amount of electoral history since Reagan, had this to say:

So we’re left with constitutional conservatives and libertarians. But we don’t control the Republican Party. The Chamber of Commerce controls the Republican Party. These people are in it to line their pockets. The first step to putting a New Conservative Coalition together is to take control of theĀ Convention in Cleveland. By doing so, we will write the rules for the 2020 primary, and write them in our favor. We also preserve our conservative platform, and improve it. Not only will we remain pro-life, we’ll also become pro-Article V, and pro-transfer of federal lands to the States. Come 2020, these could both be powerful issues.

This is just fantasy. I quote it because it is representative of not a few members of the right today. Let me explain.

Pettyjohn thinks it’s possible to take control of the convention in Cleveland Ohio this year. How does he plan to do that? He has already, farther up the article, noted that the old Reagan coalition has dissolved. He has, in this quote, noted that the Chamber of Commerce controls the GOP. So where is he going to get the necessary delegates to the convention in order to control it? In a word, where is his base of support?

And how exactly will he rewrite the primary rules in his own favor? Is he going to change the delegate count each state has? How can he possibly manage that, since it will evoke the opposition of every entrenched interest in the GOP?

His whole idea is purely imaginary. There are many on the right today that sit down in front of their computers and declare what “has to be done” and how to do it. But they don’t realize what they advocate is impossible.

It seems to be a form of escapism. Declare what “has to be done” in firm tones, and then leave it at that. I reckon they do it because they don’t like the state of politics. I don’t either. But sticking your head in the sand doesn’t help.