Family is a Social Unit – not an Economic Unit

by Right Wing Fighter

In order for a family to actually exist, there must be social involvement between members. The most important members in the beginning of a family’s life are the parents. They set the tone, the degree of involvement, and the kinds of activities that the family members share with each other. If one parent wont get involved but the other will, the family will totter forward lopsidedly – the children will see the example of the involved parent and draw the line that social interaction between family members is appropriate and desirable. But from the other parent they will get the message that family life is nothing to bother getting involved with – he doesn’t bother to – and will thereby draw the line that family life is cheap, uninteresting, unworthy of spending any time or effort on.

And thus Johnny will have two conflicting lines in his mind – one says that family connections are good and worthwhile, the other that family connections are cheap and a waste of time.

This assumes that one parent is involved with the family. But what if both are uninvolved and merely supply the physical needs of their children? Then the children will never have any concept of family life at all because they’ve never had a family in the first place. If they are mild children they’ll drift through life feeling unanchored and rudderless. If they are stronger children then they’ll cobble together what they can from other families that they see and from popular media. If they are both strong and intelligent, they will be able to build from scratch, based on what they see around them, a proper family and will not repeat the mistakes of their parents.

A family is a social unit, not an economic unit. This must be understood to understand society correctly. This misunderstanding of families is one reason why so many children today resent their parents – because their parents will buy them toys and games and movies and vacations, but they wont just sit down and talk with them, play with them, or share life with them. These parents, in short, aren’t at all socially connected with their children. They treat their children more as pets to be fed and looked after, instead of little people to train and guide and share life’s experiences with.