RedState Author ‘streiff’Attacks Middle America

by Right Wing Fighter

A RedState author named ‘streiff’ had this to say in a recent article:

 Most “farm towns” in this nation turned out to vote for Donald Trump. Ted Cruz suspending his campaign is not the result of a conspiracy of GOP hacks in DC. It is the result of the judgment of a large number of GOP voters who, mostly, hail from rural and ex-urban areas. The quicker we dispel the notion that their is an inherent wisdom in small town America (which, by the way, gave us the Klan and America First) and an inherent corruption in our political class, the quicker we might be able to find a way forward.

This guy has full-blown contempt for the average Republican voter. This is actually a good microcosm of much of the right in America.

For years I’ve listened to talk radio and read right-wing article about politics. Something I’ve noticed over the years but tried to ignore was the inherent dislike many conservatives have for average people. This dislike doesn’t come out in normal conversation. In fact, you can bet they’ll be singing hosannas to ‘ordinary people’ and their capacity for self-government.

That is, until they vote for the ‘wrong’ candidate. Then it’s nothing but week after week of ‘the ignorant country bubbas that want revenge on the mythical “elite” in this country.’ And on and on the ‘conservatives’ rail, asserting day and night that the stupid voters are gonna ruin the Republican party, ‘conservative principles,’ and other such blather.

The simple fact is many conservatives don’t like the average voter. They think they are ignorant, unprincipled, and probably slightly dangerous. They’d rather just avoid them if possible.

That’s one reason why the right has been loopy ever since Trump started to gain steam: all those ignorant, probably slightly dangerous people were motivated and had a mind of their own. “What!” says the conservative, “Ignorant people choosing a candidate instead of having us choose for them! Don’t they realize that we’re the self-appointed clergy of the Church of Politics?”

Trump’s candidacy has done a wonderful job of pulling these weasels out of the woodwork.