Party Control of Congress (A Nerd Post)

by Right Wing Fighter

This is a bit of a nerd post, so don’t bother to read it unless you’re interested in political minutia.

For several years now people have said that the Republican wave election of ’94 was the first time since 1926 that the Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate.

It turns out that is wrong. The GOP controlled both houses up to the beginning of 1931.

After a period of Democratic dominance, the GOP took both houses again between 1947-1949.

The GOP took both houses again between 1953-1955, riding along with Eisenhower’s presidential campaign.

This may seem like nitpicking, but it surprised me that the oft mentioned half century of complete Democratic control was actually broken up by several GOP congresses.

Wikipedia has a nice list detailing party control of congress from the first congress to the present. You can find it >here<.