The Political Media

by Right Wing Fighter

I was reading a blog recently and I came across the phrase “the political media.” That frames perfectly what the media is.

Calling it “the political media” removes their false veil of impartiality and puts them in perspective. Because they act and talk as though they’re unbiased, we tend to believe them.

But they are busy at work avoiding all the news that doesn’t fit. Their political role is to shape the bounds of public thought by publishing the “right” news and omitting all the “wrong” news.

By doing so, people get a slanted view of the world around them. Thus politicians can propose laws that seem reasonable when they aren’t, because the media has given the public a slanted view of the world around them.

A perfect example of this is the media’s reporting of the Iraq War. Night after night the network news shows would detail how many soldiers had been killed. They ran stories covering the plights of wounded veterans who were disabled for life. They interviewed the families, wives, parents, of these soldiers and recorded their tearful reactions to the disabilities or deaths of their loved ones.

But did the media cover how many of the Taliban were getting killed? Did they cover how they were getting bombed by the Air Force? Oh sure, technically they covered these topics. But they were reported dryly, in black and white if you will. The stories of our soldiers’ deaths were in full, living color.

And so the media gradually turned the public against the Bush administration. By telling one side of the story, they gave the public a false picture. That false picture of Iraq led to the “Bush fatigue” that seriously damaged the Republicans in the 2008 election. That was the goal all along: to damage the GOP to get a Democratic victory at the polls.

The same thing happens at Trump rallies. The media doesn’t outright lie about how many people go to his rallies. But they don’t pan out and view the huge crowds with their cameras. They don’t let the viewers see how many people Trump draws. This helps them keep the idea going that Trump is just a loser with only a clique of radical supporters.

This is why Trump makes such a point of protesters. Like he says, that’s the only time the media will point their cameras at the great mass of the audience.

“The political media” is a very accurate description.