Public vs Private Interest

by Right Wing Fighter

Politics today is dominated by private interest. The reason that politicians are doing so badly is not because they are incompetent.

They are doing badly because they are playing an entirely different game. Instead of entering public office to serve the public interest, they enter public office to serve their private interests. That is why our politicians are so useless: they come to the football game to play baseball.

Take a good look at many of our politicians. Consider former would-be politician Mitt Romney. Is he stupid? No, actually he’s very smart. Was he unserious or just a good old boy slacker? No, by all accounts he is a very serious worker. So why did he always play it safe in the election? Why wouldn’t he stand up for the American people?

The answer is, he wouldn’t take a risk for the sake of the public. Consider Trump. Trump is taking many bold stands on issues that other people just whisper about. Deporting all the illegal aliens? Muscling China on trade? Taxing companies that manufacture outside the country? These are all stands that no politician would take, because there is no private gain involved.

Let’s say Trump builds the border wall. Does he benefit privately from doing so? No. He’ll get the admiration of tens of millions of Americans, but he wont get anything that qualifies as private gain.

Now as an opposite point, consider Eric Cantor. Cantor was the faithful servant of special interests. What happened when he was turned out of office? He got rewarded with a multi-million dollar job.

Working for the public good isn’t as well paid as chasing private gain. It is infinitely more important, but it just doesn’t pay as well.

And that is what’s wrong with our politics: our public leaders, most of them, are after private gain.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with working for yourself and your interests. Obviously we all have to do that or we’d be wards of the state. But you have to do it within the confines of the public good. You can’t shortchange other people to help yourself. And you especially can’t enter a position of public trust just for private gain.

But that is just what not a few politicians are doing. They are running for office just to enrich themselves without any eye to the public welfare.

And that is the real problem in American politics. Our leaders aren’t stupid, they’re just in it for private gain.