The House Freedom Caucus

by Right Wing Fighter

Unfortunately, the House Freedom Caucus isn’t very much help in forwarding the public interest. I’ll explain how and why with an example:

Last September, when they forced Boehner to resign as speaker of the house, they had no replacement for him and no idea who to pick. The reason for this is that they had no specific objection to what Boehner was doing, but just a general objection to where he was going. They didn’t like how he had threatened and strong armed Tea Party congressmen. They didn’t like his feeble go-along attitude with Obama. They also didn’t like his general establishment attitude.

So they forced his resignation. What then? was the question on everyone’s lips. The Caucus didn’t have an answer. I listened to multiple interviews by Jim Jordan, the Caucus’s leader, and I also caught an interview or two with one of the other members of the Caucus. Nobody in the Caucus actually knew where to go in terms of policy, and thus they had no idea who to choose as speaker. They all had vague opposition to the drift of the party and it’s leaders in Congress. But the Caucus had no vision for the future of the country.

And so they dithered back and forth. People asked would Kevin McCarthy do? Err…no..NO! Was the response from the Caucus. A few folks put themselves up for consideration. Finally, somebody mentioned Paul Ryan as a possibility, and the Caucus quickly snatched it up. In doing so, they showed they hadn’t the least idea what they were doing. Paul Ryan? He’d been an active establishment guy since the Republican takeover in 2010.

But they went with him anyhow. Now, none of this is to say that Boehner wasn’t strongly objectionable. Of course he was. But you can’t just oust the speaker of the house and then have no candidate to replace him. But this wasn’t really the main issue. The real problem was that the Caucus doesn’t have any real principles for governing America. All they had is vague notions about freedom and fiscal responsibility. In order to govern a nation, you’ve got to have more than vague notions. You’ve got to have an actual plan for where the country should go and how to get there. But the Caucus didn’t (and doesn’t) have one, so they replaced Boehner with a less objectionable, younger version of…Boehner.

Without a clear idea of where you’re going, you can never get there. All you do is wander in the field of good intentions. There is nothing wrong about good intentions. But they don’t solve the country’s problems.