What’s More Important in Life: People or Possessions?

by Right Wing Fighter

That might sound like an obvious question: people or possessions. Yet many people prove everyday that possessions mean more to them than people.

Of course, nowadays nobody would openly admit it, except the most snobbish snob. But actions are more telling than words.

Consider for instance politicians who sing hosannas to America, and then vote for bill after bill that hurts Americans. Do they care about the people of the country, or do they care about the power and money they get from their seats in government? Seats that might be threatened if they cross wealthy donors?

Consider the people that chase careers to the neglect of their families: what is more important to them? Their actions clearly show that possessions matter more.

America is not a materialistic nation, as some allege. But there are materialists in it, and quite a few are in government and other powerful positions. An important job for patriotic Americans to do now is to vote out politicians that are just materialists feeding at the trough in Washington. America has some big problems to grapple with right now, and we need upright and intelligent men to solve them.