Illegal Alien vs Undocumented Immigrant

by Right Wing Fighter

The media is pulling a subtle piece of propaganda work when it calls illegal aliens “undocumented immigrants.” The point that they are trying to settle in the public mind via repetition is that these illegal aliens have just as much right to be in this country as an American citizen, they just don’t have their papers. Repetition is very important in shaping public opinion, because many times repetition lodges in one’s memory things that haven’t been processed by the brain. In short, it is a good way to change people’s thinking, without actually changing their minds.

And that is what the media is doing with “undocumented immigrant.” The point is to remove the stigma of having violated our laws, and to cast these people as just normal folks like you and me. Of course, you and me don’t break the immigration laws of other countries. The fact that these people are willing to break our laws, and then continue breaking them by working illegally in this country demonstrates that they aren’t the kind of people that are suitable for citizenship. Would you grant club membership to a guy that shows no regard for club rules?

And yet that is what the media and the Democrats in particular want us to do. They try to sentimentalize and schmooze us into allowing people to stay in the club that have already smashed in one of the windows with a brick. And so they call them “undocumented immigrants” and “dreamers” and foist an endless list of studies on us “showing” that immigrants make the best citizens, workers, and neighbors too. Never mind that these “ideal citizens” disregarded our laws by being here in the first place. Never mind that immigrant crime gangs are now spreading throughout the country. Never mind that we spend billions of dollars per year because of these “ideal citizens.” If they are ideal citizens, then why are their host countries so anxious to be rid of not a few of them?

Additionally, if they are indeed “ideal citizens,” and if all immigrants from anywhere are “ideal citizens,” then why are their host countries in such bad shape? Why is Mexico and all of Latin America a mess? Is it because of the climate, or the people? Are many of these immigrants bad people? No, many of them are decent enough I’m sure. But whatever their individual decency, they clearly don’t have those necessary social virtues needed for a nation to be healthy and free. They may be personally decent people, but they lack that capacity for the common good that has characterized American civic life for so long. Look at Mexico! Whatever decent men there are in Mexico, they either can’t or don’t bother to get into the government, and instead the country is run by skunks.

South American nations have never been characterized for idealizing the common good. Valuing the common good, and working for it, has enabled America to become the ideal place on Earth to live. But since many people in Latin America do not stretch their minds beyond their own immediate benefit, the governments are all hopelessly corrupt and pathetic; public sanitation is a mess (you don’t drink the water in either Mexico or Brazil); crime is rife; drug lords are prominent and essentially unopposed; and the overall quality of the various countries of Latin America is very poor.

“But the people are so vivacious!” we are told. “They bring so much color and vigor to our boring lives.” If indeed you find them so invigorating, why don’t you move to their country, instead of bringing them here? Why don’t you spend your life drinking water from a water bottle instead of the tap? Are some of these immigrants more colorful than us? Sure. But it is because they take no thought for the morrow. They don’t worry about building lives for the future, for their children. They take little thought for the common good. They live in the moment. They live for right now. That mindset is absolute poison for a nation that elects its own leaders. To allow millions of people to immigrate to America who live their lives moment by moment is to hand any demagogue an easily manipulated group of voters. It is to shake up our political life and to keep it at a perpetual rolling boil. Smooth political sailing can’t be done in a rollicking electoral sea.

To bring this post full circle: the media, the Democrats, and to some extent the Republicans, all try to propagandize us into accepting high immigration levels. They try to batter us with sentimentality and sheer repetition of what is false until it appears to be true. They bludgeon us with all kinds of appeals, from personal to political to economic to try to get us to latch on to their agenda. But as shown above, there are plenty of reasons why we should reduce, and probably eliminate altogether, immigration into this country. If we need more workers, we have a large enough population to train our own. If academics need more vivacity in their lives, they can take more frequent vacations to Latin America. If political parties need more voters, they can try representing the public for a change, instead of their donors. America has enough people within its borders now. It needs to deport those that are here illegally, build a wall to keep more out, and reduce immigration.

At bottom it is a question of serving the interests of the public, versus the fancies of intellectuals, the electoral strength of political parties, and the bottom lines of businesses. In a nation, the public must always come first. Without such priority, the nation will crumble to bits, which is what we are seeing now in both America and Europe. The public must come first and foremost in any matter of government policy. Exclusive, individual interests must be considered only insofar as they are a part of the public whole. Otherwise, the ship of state will capsize.