Trump and the Intelligentsia

by Right Wing Fighter

The intelligentsia has always disliked the common, everyday American people. But with Trump, the common man has a loud and very rich champion. Because Trump champions the cause of the common man, all those class aversions, and in some cases fears, that the elite have for the common man have been transferred to Trump.

It is hard (at least for Moi) to imagine how people can live in the same country, drive the same roads, live under the same government, and yet view with fear and aversion the majority of the country. I may be naive, but we’re all Americans, right? We’re all pretty decent, normal, everyday kinds of people. What is there to fear? Is the common man going to rise up and decapitate the wealthy? Is the common man going to steal all of the wealthy’s riches? What, practically speaking, would the common man do that is so dangerous?

And yet we see this same fear and aversion throughout history. Read any quality history of England, or the Revolutionary period in America, and you’ll find plenty of elite fear and aversion of the common man.

Anyhow, Trump is now the champion of the common man’s cause, and the elites fear him for this.