Tom Sietsema: Trump eats like a commoner

by Right Wing Fighter

In what I consider a bizarre article, Tom Sietsema attacks Trump for…eating at McDonald’s and other fast food joints. Here are a few quotes:

The world is his oyster, but that’s not what he’s consuming. The front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination eats like a teenage boy, inhaling Filets-O-Fish and Big Macs. “It’s great stuff,” he says of his fast-food habit. At a time when growing, cooking and enjoying food in the United States is yooooge, his preferences are surprisingly pedestrian – and passe, as if Alice Waters had never been born and food were fuel (albeit dirty gas as opposed to premium).

So, at a time when we’re all playing the part of cutesy organic self-sufficiency farmer, Trump is eating, *shudder*, passe food! Now, I would usually just write this off as a joke, but this kind of blather continues for several pages. I’ll link to the article at the end, but for now here are some more quotes:

Breakfast is his least favorite meal of the day, and if he indulges, he prefers bacon and eggs, or cornflakes “right out of the fields of Iowa,” […] Lunch might be eaten at his desk. “My big thing is dinner.” That’s when, he has revealed in various Q&As, he likes pasta, second helpings of potatoes au gratin and the aforementioned steak, which, unlike any serious eater, he wants cooked so thoroughly that “it would rock on the plate,” according to what his longtime butler at the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach told the New York Times.

So in short he eats what ordinary Americans eat, right? And what, exactly, is so bad about that? Pasta, steak, bacon and eggs. Sometimes I wonder if these elitists wandered in from fairy land. Do they think: (A): that the American people actually care about what a candidate eats? (B): that Americans will recoil from Trump in shock to find out he doesn’t eat like some fifth generation patrician?

Trump, like millions of Americans, approaches food as a way to stoke the internal engine, and not much more. Trump eats for fuel, not for the pleasure of consumption. Hence all the protein in his diet: steak, hamburgers, bacon and eggs. Trump is essentially a worker, and work needs fuel. Lolling around a table, sipping wine and trying to wring flavor out of steaks is what artsy people do. Moreover, complaining that other people don’t do those things is also what artsy people do.

Otherwise, his prosaic taste informs his empire. The dining venues within his Trump Tower in Manhattan are less than trumptastic, according to the critics at Eater New York. A bacon cheeseburger from a steam table in the Trump Cafe was reviewed as “way overcooked, real prison food,” while a crepe from the Trump Ice Cream Parlor was finished with Reddi-Wip and Hershey’s chocolate syrup, pedestrian garnishes at odds with “the luxury pretenses of the tower.”

“Prosaic taste,” “pedestrian garnishes,” that’s the lingo of a snob. It’s funny how Trump has brought the snobs out in droves. They used to couch their opinions, but with Trump they show their true scorn for both him and the millions, in this case, of Americans that eat like him. And it’s true of many other cases as well. Now there are writers saying that Trump is illiterate, and so *sigh* are his followers. There are writers saying that Trump is just theater, and his followers are *sigh* just theater goers. I wonder if these pathetic elites ever see themselves in the mirror and see how off base they are. They are out of touch with the world around them. Basically, they are sitting on their own little Mount Olympus, casting down their scorn on we mere mortals that must walk the prosaic steps of ordinary man.

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