Voter ID: a ramble

by Right Wing Fighter

I’d like to take a moment to ramble through the various objections the left has to voter ID laws. I’ll list their objections with an O, and my answers with an A:

O: Voter ID laws disenfranchise voters.
A: How? If a person can get a driver’s license, he has all the ID he needs. If he’s disabled or has some other reason he can’t drive, then he can get a state ID card. In my state, ID cards for voting are free, so even the poorest people can get them in order to vote.

O: Voter ID laws target minorities.
A: Again, how? There is no racial litmus test for an ID card. And since anyone can get an ID card, how can it possible be discriminatory? Answer: it can’t, but a lie gets around the world before the truth gets its pants on.

O: There is no voter fraud, so why make people prove who they are when they vote?
A: It’s a lie to say there is no voter fraud. Everyone with common sense knows it exists and is practiced all across the country. There are hundreds of anecdotes of voter fraud each election. But the leftists like to pretend it doesn’t exist because there are very few legally documented cases of it: i.e., very few people get charged with voter fraud. It is difficult to make a voter fraud charge stick, so for the most part charges aren’t made and the body of people sent to prison for it is small. The left likes to cite this small number as proof that voter fraud doesn’t exist, but it is only proof of the difficulty of enforcing election law.