Trump can beat Clinton

by Right Wing Fighter

A lot of Trump’s professional detractors like to cite polls that show Clinton beating The Donald. Polls that are being taken eight months away from an election have no credibility at all. Heck, polls a month before an election are typically meaningless. Remember Romney’s poll bump after his first debate with Obama? It showed him edging out Obama by a point or two. Romney still lost the election by four points.

In Wisconsin, former governor Tommy Thompson ran for senate and was about 11 points ahead of his opponent according to several polls. He lost the election by 5.5%, or a swing of something like 16 points.

Polls are very useful, but must be used with care. They tell you what people are thinking right now, and not what they’ll be thinking  even a few weeks from now. They definitely tell you nothing about what they’ll be thinking eight months from now! These commenters know this of course, but they are trying to shape politics and not accurately comment on it.