The two parties threaten the middle class

by Right Wing Fighter

The GOP and the Democrats both threaten the middle class, but for different reasons. The GOP really is the party of big business. That is why they always push tax cuts, amnesty, and generally oppose new regulations. These are the priorities of big business, and the GOP faithfully represent them.

The Democrats on the other hand are much more doctrinaire about government. They are “true believers” if you will. They are the product of universities and professors that see in government the power they need to remake society: they want government expanded, so that they can bring about their “revolution.”

It is obvious that both of these parties threaten the middle class. The GOP threatens to destroy the economic strength or even viability of the middle class with their free trade and high immigration policies. Free trade means there is no protection of our workers, which means they can be undersold by foreign workers in China and other countries. High immigration threatens the very jobs the middle class work at. Bringing in millions of new workers lowers wages since it increases competition, and thus the middle class have to accept lower wages and slower wage growth. Slow wage growth means they can’t keep up with inflation and will drive them to poverty in time. Big business likes this because it lowers their labor costs. And what big business likes, the GOP likes too.

The Democrats threaten the middle class in a different way. Fueled by hair-brained university ideologues, the Democratic party is the refuge of all the folks who hate how society is and think it ought to be changed to something else. It’s had to nail down their goals, since the Dems are such a polyglot party. But they certainly all hate how American society is now, especially the middle class, and they want to destroy it. They want to tear it down so they can build their vision of what is ideal. Their ideal is in every case twisted and wrong, and thus the Democrats must be stopped. I’m talking about the party leadership and hardcore party members mostly. They are the ones that set the agenda. The millions of voters who support the Democrats often don’t have one tenth the malignancy that many of their leaders do. Why they follow them I’m not quite sure, but most of the everyday voters are normal enough people.