Middle class growth should be our goal

by Right Wing Fighter

The growth and protection of the middle class should be our economic goal in America.

The middle class is mostly made up of people that are hardworking, moral, decent, and productive. Our goal should be to protect that class from harm. For example, the threats posed to them by runaway immigration and free trade. Additionally, we should ease movement into the middle class by removing and streamlining small business regulations. And by innovating or removing altogether those regulations which tend to prevent people from moving upward economically.

The middle class is the strength of the nation and its backbone. During the Cold War, it was the incorruptibility of the middle class that made it a bulwark against communism. Communism could only flourish in a nation that ground down its poor or didn’t give them a reasonable path towards that pleasant middle-range opulence that is the aim of most people. When progress into the middle class is thwarted, some people begin to turn towards ideologies that will give them hope for prosperity. This is both natural and understandable. Some people, ground down by years of unrewarding work, can be tempted to turn to government dependence to improve their lot in life. Others can be pulled away to anti-government ideologies that promise to tear down the legal hurdles that government sometimes puts in the way of prosperity by tearing down almost the whole government.

These reactions are understandable and perfectly normal. We should work however to keep people from turning to extreme ideologies by giving them an easier path to prosperity. Our government should not subsidize small businesses or new ventures, but it should provide an environment in which they have a good chance to succeed. It should limit immigration to a very small number to prevent cheap labor competition. It should also place a protective tariff on certain imported goods, such as cars. This will help our domestic industries regain their footing. Then they can re-employ the many manufacturing workers that have been laid off over the past several decades due to free trade. It should, as noted above, simplify and streamline small business regulations. Instead of attempting to regulate every step a small businessman has to take, it should only intervene when the public good is truly at risk. It should, in short, only concern itself with the general public good, and not, for instance, obsess over the habitats of small woodland creatures. Also, it should foster cooperation with small business. Small businessmen shouldn’t see the government as a menacing Big Brother. Government should be the partner of the people, not a boogieman.

Finally, there must be a revolution in economic thought. For decades, only two sides have been heard in economics: big government and big business. The first wants near total control of the economy; the second essentially wants a free-for-all. When either of these two sides wins, the middle class loses. The interests of the middle class must be heard and heard often. We must have advocacy for the middle class, so we can build it and strengthen it.