George Will, Snob, as usual

by Right Wing Fighter

In yet another of George Will’s forays into voter education, he puts his snobbery front and center in the very first sentence:

“Donald Trump’s distinctive rhetorical style — think of a drunk with a bullhorn reading aloud James Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake” under water — poses an almost insuperable challenge to people whose painful duty is to try to extract clarity from his effusions.”

Ah, “insuperable.” I bet Will felt pretty smart using that word. Of course, I doubt he ever doesn’t feel like he’s smart.

I personally don’t get snobs. Do they think we’ll be overawed by their style of superiority? Or do they just have such contempt for us that they can’t help themselves? Like they view us as such poor, stupid people, that they just can’t bother themselves to make an actual argument? That could be it. They don’t respect us and just try to overawe us.