“Death of the West” and other garbage

by Right Wing Fighter

There are a lot of people on the alternative right that talk about the death of the west as if it were some kind of certainty or something that has already happened. Part of the problem of this is that they overuse analogies. An analogy can be useful to a point and then begin to be destructive. By treating the West as though it were a person, they imagine that they see a cycle of babbling youth just after the fall of the Roman Empire; chaotic young adulthood in the medieval period; settled middle age during the Renaissance; and finally the senility of old age in the Enlightenment, and subsequent death in our time.

This is baloney because civilizations are not people. Every generation of people that are born represent a refreshening of civilization with new growth. Civilization is an aggregate thing. In short, it is a group. It is a mistake to try to understand groups by treating them as a single person. Groups and individuals are different, and where they differ you will have error.

There is no doubt to me that the West is in trouble. But it is not because of some cycle of life. This is not some period of mandatory death because we’ve gotten too old as a civilization.