The Root of all Evil

by Right Wing Fighter

The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil. This probably goes a long way towards explaining our current political situation.

For some time I’ve tried to figure out some ideological motive to the Washington establishment. After working on it for several years, I’m pretty well convinced that there isn’t one. I think that some men in Washington are motivated by ideology; but I reckon most are just there for the money. Money, money, money; it’s astonishing to me what so many people will do for money. But I reckon that’s why there are so few prominent populists: populism is a poorly paid post most of the time. But working for the establishment always has plenty of money attached.

Consider the case of Eric Cantor, former Republican House Majority Leader. When David Brat beat Cantor in his primary race, Cantor didn’t even bother to finish his term in office. Instead he quit part way through his term, and joined investment bank Moelis, which paid him $3.4 million for his first sixteen months of employment. That’s quite a consolation prize.

Now, say he’d been a populist congressman and was defeated: would there be that kind of safety net? Could he depend on the middle class to land him a job with a $1.4 million signing bonus? He would, of course, have the gratitude of millions of people that he’d done right by; he’d have the testimony of a clear conscience. But it looks like Cantor can wash away whatever guilt he might feel by calling to mind his bank account balance.

Of course, as a populist, he probably wouldn’t have been defeated in the first place. But even so, populism doesn’t win you jobs at Moelis. Or, for that matter, a $3.3 million / year job as the head of the Motion Picture Association of America, like former senator Chris Dodd got. It is the right thing to do, but not the best paid.

This probably explains why so many politicians ignore the American people, and stonewall needed reforms: they don’t work for the American people, they work for the moneyed folks that dangle a wad of bills in front of them. Thus, despite all their sentimental rhetoric on the campaign trail, they really regard government service as a payday.