Casualties of Darwinism (Part 2)

by Right Wing Fighter

Another casualty of Darwinism, ironic though it may sound, is science.

Scientists today assume, practically to a man, that evolution explains the origin of life. Whether it is understanding dinosaurs from the past, or even human behavior today, the so called “experts” read nature and man with one eye, whilst skimming “On the Origin of Species” with the other eye. I’ll provide a few examples.

First, I’ve read several books, among them two body language books, several relationship books, and a book on what men allegedly find attractive in women. In all of these books, it was assumed that animal behavior and the “impulse to survive” fueled all of our actions. Thus, men like women that have good hair because it means they will have healthy children. Men also like women with long legs, because it means they will have healthy children. Men like women with a waist 70% the circumference of their hips because… it means they will have healthy children. And on and on it went, for 200-odd pages of boring non-explanations. It was too bad, because I really wanted to get some insight into attractiveness. But all that book provided was a list of “Darwin says” answers.

Second, psychology is a mess today, and not just because of Sigmund Freud. “Survival of the fittest” thinking is common in psychology, as psychologists try to understand man as a more intelligent, out-for-himself animal. It should be pretty clear why this is a disaster for the many people who need help dealing with psychological problems. By assuming man is basically an advanced animal when he isn’t, the psychologists get on the wrong track from the get-go, and obviously can’t help their patients as well (or in some cases, at all). Man was created in God’s image, and he must be understood accordingly. He can’t be understood, or helped, if he is viewed as an animal.

Third, many scientists spend years of their lives and countless dollars searching for plugs for the holes in Darwinism. The Missing Link is a good example. How much time has been wasted by looking for him? How much time that could have been spent doing something actually useful, like curing diseases, has been wasted looking for this non-existent creature? Probably too many to count. He’s like Bigfoot: some people have spent their lives, and a lot of money too, digging around for a fake creature. Meanwhile, the problems of man don’t just go away. They go away when we drive them away, and that job is hampered by wasting effort on bogus projects.

Thus science, ironically enough, has been a victim of Darwinism too.