Casualties of Darwinism (Part 1)

by Right Wing Fighter

Darwinism, arguably the religion of many academics and elites, is essentially the belief that man is an animal, that he does everything for the self-centered purpose of survival, and that there is no moral law.

One of the casualties of Darwinism is nobility. A man is noble when he possesses moral and spiritual qualities, such as honesty, kindness, and courage. Now, under Darwinism, everything is thought to be done solely for selfish purposes. Thus honesty becomes, in the eyes of a Darwinist, just a way to maintain good relations with people. Kindness is just a way to earn favor from someone. And courage? Well that’s a little harder to explain away. They tend to pivot from self-survival to species-survival to justify this one. Thus a few members of the human race die, perhaps even willingly, to save the rest of the race, and thus still serve survival.

By making man an animal, when he isn’t an animal, Darwinists curb many of the fine qualities in man and bring out some of the worse ones. For instance, when you drill into people’s heads that everyone is just out for himself, people inclined towards nobility have a harder time being noble. When they are constantly told that nobility is just silly storybook fantasy, only fit for children to hear before bedtime, they break the spirits of people who are weaker but still inclined towards nobility. Only those strong enough to be noble anyhow, to push against the Darwinist tide more or less on their own, will still show nobility.

And what about those people who are even weaker? Well, they find in Darwinism a quick salve for their consciences. They can just brush off double-dealing, fraud, and evasion of the law by saying to themselves “Heck, everyone else is just out for themselves. I’m no worse than they are: I’m just looking out for me.” They have an effective antidote to those more morally inclined. They can smear them as “idealists” or Bible-thumpers, or whatever slanderous term they choose. Why can they do this? Because Darwinism has drilled into many people that since man is an animal, since God doesn’t exist, since we’re just the product of pure luck anyhow, that thus there is no moral law. Without the moral law there obviously can’t be any morality, and thus moralists must just be silly, dreamy people.

A great deal of harm comes from all this. By stifling those inclined to be noble, by giving a readymade excuse to those inclined to be bad, Darwinism produces a great deal of harm in society. All the little behind-the-scenes actions that nobody knows about but the man that does them aren’t charged with morality once Darwinism takes hold. People become less trustworthy, less honest, less decent, when they are only really restrained by public opinion. Of course, there are still noble people even where Darwinism does take hold, but they are fewer, and due to the hostility of the environment, tend to move in smaller circles and keep to themselves more.

I want to finish this with an observation I’ve made over the years. I’ve noticed time and again people that have done something noble, something kind or generous or just plain decent. And I’ve noticed that most of the time, when attention is called to their act, they actually write it off. They say “Oh, well I just felt like it,” or some other kind of nonsense to justify doing something good. What they are doing is saying that there wasn’t any moral content in their act: it was just a whim. Of course it was not a whim, but they write it off this way anyhow because they don’t want to look like one of the silly, moralistic people. This is one of the effects of Darwinism.