Writers: Intellectuals or Content Producers?

by Right Wing Fighter

As my career in writing has developed, I’ve paid a lot of attention to the writings of others: how they write; how much thought they give their pieces; the level of research they do, and so forth. Now, I’m not a writing detective, so these observations are just the product of my leisure hours, but I thought they might be interesting.

First, I’ve noticed that a lot of writers cast their words in recycled forms. They don’t spend much time finding original ways to write an article or blog post. They spend most of their time digging around for interesting stories and not a lot of time stylizing their words. The words seem more like little wheels to roll their anecdotes out on, and nothing else. They seem like 9-5 anecdote factories, with little interest in the usefulness or artistic appeal of their pieces.

Second, I’ve noticed a tendency to stick to the common; to avoid putting any personal character or charm into their pieces. They produce piece after piece that have practically no human touch at all. Aside from the everyday words and anecdotal nature of their pieces, they read like phone books. It’s like they all went to the same writing school, and it taught them to remove any sense of human authorship from their writing.

My conclusion from these observations and others like them is that most writers are not artisans, but just content producers: their job is just to cobble together written words that are readable and have some point to them. This explains the often loose, almost careless style of a lot of articles, and the general lack of thought in many of them. In the writing industry, an author’s writing is called copy, so I plan to call them copy machines from now on.