Big Trump win for Super Tuesday

by Right Wing Fighter

Well The Donald did very well yesterday. He won seven out of eleven states, losing Oklahoma, Texas, and Alaska to Cruz, and Minnesota to Rubio. I have to wonder what Minnesota specifically found so appealing about Rubio. He won the state by a 7.5% margin over the runner up. That’s a pretty big win. He didn’t manage to take any other states though, so I suppose his campaign is panicking a bit now.

Here is the list of delegates won so far:

Trump: 319
Cruz: 226
Rubio: 110
Kasich: 25
Carson: 8

That’s a pretty strong second for Cruz, but I think the moral defeat of only winning three of eleven states will go badly for him. Imagery is very important, and all across the news they’ll be showing pictures of Trump carrying most of Super Tuesday.

Rubio is in poor shape, since there were such high expectations for him. For the past year people have been treating him like he’s some kind of super candidate since he’s young looking and Cuban. But carrying only one state, and with only a third of Trump’s delegates, it ain’t looking pretty.

Kasich has been pummeled badly, and he might as well get out now. He has no chance of winning enough delegates for the nomination. He might be holding on in the hope that he can be a compromise candidate at the convention if nobody wins the nomination outright. But there is no way he could get enough support to get nominated, even if the convention did need a compromise candidate. He should just quit now.

Carson obviously can’t win the nomination. After stories started circulating that he couldn’t get a handle on foreign policy, and then with the attack on Paris, people dropped him like a rock and he hasn’t recovered. Why he’s holding out now, I don’t know. But like Kasich, he might as well just quit now, since the nomination is clearly impossible for him to win.

There are still quite a few primaries left, and this nomination battle isn’t over yet. But I think that Trump will win, with Cruz doing a pretty strong second, similar to the Democratic race right now between Clinton and Sanders.