Welfare for individuals

by Right Wing Fighter

I don’t think that welfare should be abolished completely, but I think it should be pared down to only those who really need it. I think that those who are too old to make a living should have welfare access, plus people with disabilities that keep them from working. I don’t think that healthy, working age adults should have access to any welfare at all, except perhaps something to tide them over between jobs. But I think there needs to be some other reforms also.

First, I think that the states should provide welfare and not the federal government. Since the states are closer to the people that would get the welfare, they would be in a better position to judge who really needs it. The fact that they have tighter budgets would also force them to deal with welfare fraud more carefully then the federal government does.

Second, I think that clear and simple criteria should be established to decide who gets welfare and who doesn’t. Not some gobbledygook nonsense that only lawyers can understand, but a simple list of requirements. This way the American people will be able to keep a better handle on it, since their representatives don’t seem too keen on doing so.

There is always a certain risk that we’ll be subsidizing derelicts by having welfare for individuals. But unless there is good reason to think that private charity can take care of these people, I think it is worth the risk.