Evolutionism: what fuels it?

by Right Wing Fighter

Evolution is so transparently false on the surface that it’s a wonder so many smart people believe it. I can’t look around me at the world that exists, with all its harmony and order, and possibly think any blind set of mutations could have made it. I wonder: have any of these otherwise smart people ever looked at a city that grew organically? When a city just grows little by little, it ends up looking like a patchwork quilt that’s had a half dozen too many materials used to make it. Organically developed cities are always lopsided and the streets are crooked. Cities are only orderly when they are planned out from the get-go.

The same is true in nature. Only intelligent design, God’s design, could have made such order out of so many different elements. But these otherwise smart people still believe (and push) evolution. Why? Well, I suppose they either (A), have no original thought and simply soak up what the scientific establishment tells them; or (B), it’s better for their jobs to back evolution. I’m inclined to think it’s the second answer, since there are so many people willing to sell out honesty and decency for money. Just look at any government around the world where big money buys policy, and you can see a whole bunch of people ready to sell themselves at the drop of a hat.

It’s true in entertainment too. There are tons of people who will act in, produce, and direct, despicable garbage to make money. Or what about government contractors, who charge more than a project is worth since bureaucrats seldom pinch pennies? Those contractors are cheating taxpayers out of their money, but they do it anyhow. The list could go on and on, but the point is made. Quite a lot of people will sell out honesty and decency for money. So my bet is that money is why so many smart people accept and push evolution.

Maybe that is what Solomon meant by “money answereth all things.”