Theory of Trump Hatred on the Right

by Right Wing Fighter

Following my previous post about liberals only seeing the other side of an issue, this also makes perfect sense of why the Right hates Trump. Time and again Trump has emphatically stated that his administration would only support immigration laws, trade deals, and economic policies that benefit the United States, i.e., us as opposed to the other people in the world. This explains why so many on the right simply hated Trump from the get-go. This also explains why they can’t explain in practical terms what is wrong with Trump: they can’t say that this policy will be bad, or that policy will be bad: they just all condemn Trump as an unthinkable monster. They do so, I think, because Trump’s mind is not in the right place according to them; his focus is on us, and not on others. Now Rubio, or Kasich, or Bush, they are all focused on other people, and thus they are acceptable, even though none of them are “conservative.” The litmus test for many on the Right is: does he focus on us, or the others? If it is on other people, then he is acceptable.