Sen. Jeff Sessions has endoresed Trump

by Right Wing Fighter

Jeff Sessions has endorsed Trump. This should help to stamp down the narrative that Trump isn’t serious. For all of us who have been watching the immigration crisis for years, Sessions is a key figure and his endorsement means a lot. I of course supported Trump already, but hopefully this endorsement will help him on Super Tuesday.

I think there are still a lot of people who look at Trump’s manner and think he is not serious. He has an off-the-cuff, almost impulsive style that has some people thinking that he doesn’t clearly think out much of anything before he says it. I think that assessment is wrong. Trump clearly thinks a lot about problems in this country, but I think he doesn’t bother to frame them in easily digested forms. Thus he is liable to misinterpretation, and his enemies love to misinterpret his words deliberately.

So Trump is a little hard to get a handle on at first. He puts things in his own manner, and that manner takes a little getting used to in order to understand him on the fly. But once you get the hang of it he’s easy enough to understand, if you actually want to understand what he’s saying.