A Theory of Liberalism

by Right Wing Fighter

There have been a lot of theories of what liberalism is, ranging from a compulsive desire for power to a strange desire for self-destruction. I think it is neither, and I’ll explain what I think it is.

I think that there is a class of men that see other people’s problems, fears, concerns, and desires more clearly than they see their own. That they to a high degree live in the skin of other people; that they are sympathetic to a fault and fail to see their own interests. I think that thus they are so sympathetic to the interests of other people, that they are unable to advance, defend, or practically speaking, even really see their own side of an issue.

Now, if you take people like that and put them in the government and in academia, you’re going to get the cultural and political betrayal that we have now, where our government and intellectuals embrace everything other than us and our interests, and where they champion the interests of other people. That explains multiculturalism, where any cultural act, thought, or tradition other than our own is championed. It explains the politicians who can never understand that with refugees, immigration, trade policy, and war, that they are to consider first and only what is to the short and long term benefit of our nation, and our people. In short, it explains why the notables of culture, government, and academia all favor the desires and interests of anyone other than ourselves.