The Problem with Immigration

by Right Wing Fighter

The reason I and a lot of other Americans are worried about immigration is this: a whole lot of people are coming here. Now, people need to work, both us and the immigrants. With a limited number of jobs and a bad economy, we don’t want a whole bunch of people coming here to fight us for those jobs. We want to feed ourselves and our families. Why is this so bad to say? Why is this so horrible to some people? What’s wrong with preserving American jobs for American workers? I reckon because the big money is on the side of more workers, so they can get cheaper workers. I reckon the big money is pulling a lot of strings in the media, telling us what is good and bad to talk about so they can keep getting cheaper workers. I’m not a cynic, but “following the money” is looking more and more true all the time.

I mean heck, why can’t we shut our borders so that Americans can work at American jobs? Why can’t these immigrants fix their own countries if they are so bad? America was a big mass of forest and grassland before we turned it into a nation. Why can’t these people fix their own countries, if they are so capable and willing to work? It’s a simple question, but a “bad” question to ask. Shame on me! Why is it a “bad” question to ask? Because it shows the Emperor is running around without his blue jeans. Because it proves that there’s no truth to all this “get the best and brightest” garbage we keep being told day in and day out. The fact is, most of this is probably just rich guys pulling media strings to keep getting cheap workers. The fact that it is a naked scam is why they shout down all honest talk as “bad” talk. They shout it down, because their scam can’t stand honesty.