Right Wing Fighter

Month: February, 2016

Theory of Trump Hatred on the Right

Following my previous post about liberals only seeing the other side of an issue, this also makes perfect sense of why the Right hates Trump. Time and again Trump has emphatically stated that his administration would only support immigration laws, trade deals, and economic policies that benefit the United States, i.e., us as opposed to the other people in the world. This explains why so many on the right simply hated Trump from the get-go. This also explains why they can’t explain in practical terms what is wrong with Trump: they can’t say that this policy will be bad, or that policy will be bad: they just all condemn Trump as an unthinkable monster. They do so, I think, because Trump’s mind is not in the right place according to them; his focus is on us, and not on others. Now Rubio, or Kasich, or Bush, they are all focused on other people, and thus they are acceptable, even though none of them are “conservative.” The litmus test for many on the Right is: does he focus on us, or the others? If it is on other people, then he is acceptable.

A Theory of Liberalism

There have been a lot of theories of what liberalism is, ranging from a compulsive desire for power to a strange desire for self-destruction. I think it is neither, and I’ll explain what I think it is.

I think that there is a class of men that see other people’s problems, fears, concerns, and desires more clearly than they see their own. That they to a high degree live in the skin of other people; that they are sympathetic to a fault and fail to see their own interests. I think that thus they are so sympathetic to the interests of other people, that they are unable to advance, defend, or practically speaking, even really see their own side of an issue.

Now, if you take people like that and put them in the government and in academia, you’re going to get the cultural and political betrayal that we have now, where our government and intellectuals embrace everything other than us and our interests, and where they champion the interests of other people. That explains multiculturalism, where any cultural act, thought, or tradition other than our own is championed. It explains the politicians who can never understand that with refugees, immigration, trade policy, and war, that they are to consider first and only what is to the short and long term benefit of our nation, and our people. In short, it explains why the notables of culture, government, and academia all favor the desires and interests of anyone other than ourselves.

Sen. Jeff Sessions has endoresed Trump

Jeff Sessions has endorsed Trump. This should help to stamp down the narrative that Trump isn’t serious. For all of us who have been watching the immigration crisis for years, Sessions is a key figure and his endorsement means a lot. I of course supported Trump already, but hopefully this endorsement will help him on Super Tuesday.

I think there are still a lot of people who look at Trump’s manner and think he is not serious. He has an off-the-cuff, almost impulsive style that has some people thinking that he doesn’t clearly think out much of anything before he says it. I think that assessment is wrong. Trump clearly thinks a lot about problems in this country, but I think he doesn’t bother to frame them in easily digested forms. Thus he is liable to misinterpretation, and his enemies love to misinterpret his words deliberately.

So Trump is a little hard to get a handle on at first. He puts things in his own manner, and that manner takes a little getting used to in order to understand him on the fly. But once you get the hang of it he’s easy enough to understand, if you actually want to understand what he’s saying.

Jeb Bush has dropped out

Bush has dropped out of the race for President. This is a good thing for patriots since Bush is an amnesty pusher of the worst type. He has sentimentalized the breaking of our immigration law and the violation of our border. Boy, wouldn’t he have been a great President?

There is a possible flipside though: with Bush out of the race, his support may go to Rubio or another amnesty pusher, and thus weaken Trump’s lead. This will probably happen, but I think that Trump will still be strong enough to win the nomination.

Trump Won New Hampshire

So Trump has won New Hampshire. Maybe now some of the Right wing critics who are losing their minds about his candidacy will stop railing that this is just a fling that will melt away. Trump is real, people. Trump represents a good solid shot at taking the country back for the people. What the so many of his Right wing critics find so horrible about him I don’t know. We’ve got several Right wing hosts who all take turns criticizing him. Heck, a day doesn’t go by without some shot at Trump. I’m guessing that it has to do with him not being a “conservative” like they want, that he isn’t doctrinaire, that he actually wants practical results and isn’t content to be ideologically pure whilst an absolute failure in results. Maybe that’s why they’re afraid of him.

Right-Wing Pessimism

Pessimism is popular on the Right. It’s almost a right of passage to downplay success and build up defeats. This may appear therapeutic, like “not getting your hopes up” so that the fall wont be so bad. It deadens the pain. But the problem with this is it also deadens hope. They come to think that victory isn’t possible at all and they stop reaching for it. The Right must stop using pessimism to defuse pain, and should start using something else. What? I don’t know, I’m still thinking about it. But this policy of killing expectations also kills hope. And killing hope destroys effort, and with it any chance of winning.

The Problem with Immigration

The reason I and a lot of other Americans are worried about immigration is this: a whole lot of people are coming here. Now, people need to work, both us and the immigrants. With a limited number of jobs and a bad economy, we don’t want a whole bunch of people coming here to fight us for those jobs. We want to feed ourselves and our families. Why is this so bad to say? Why is this so horrible to some people? What’s wrong with preserving American jobs for American workers? I reckon because the big money is on the side of more workers, so they can get cheaper workers. I reckon the big money is pulling a lot of strings in the media, telling us what is good and bad to talk about so they can keep getting cheaper workers. I’m not a cynic, but “following the money” is looking more and more true all the time.

I mean heck, why can’t we shut our borders so that Americans can work at American jobs? Why can’t these immigrants fix their own countries if they are so bad? America was a big mass of forest and grassland before we turned it into a nation. Why can’t these people fix their own countries, if they are so capable and willing to work? It’s a simple question, but a “bad” question to ask. Shame on me! Why is it a “bad” question to ask? Because it shows the Emperor is running around without his blue jeans. Because it proves that there’s no truth to all this “get the best and brightest” garbage we keep being told day in and day out. The fact is, most of this is probably just rich guys pulling media strings to keep getting cheap workers. The fact that it is a naked scam is why they shout down all honest talk as “bad” talk. They shout it down, because their scam can’t stand honesty.