Rubio More “Conservative” Than Trump?

by Right Wing Fighter

In an article from two days ago, Rich Lowry says that Rubio is more conservative than Trump. The article is called The Quisling Establishment. After listing various reasons why the establishment is making moves towards Trump, he postulates his final reason why they might be doing so:

Finally, after months of Trump leading the polls, fatalism about him has set in. Nothing can be done to stop him, and the sophisticated play is to pre-emptively accept him. Perhaps Trump will sweep all before him. But no one has voted yet, and there are still vastly preferable, more conservative candidates in the field, including Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Is it any wonder that National Review is a joke? It’s editor considers Marco Rubio to be “vastly preferable” to Donald Trump. What the heck is vastly preferable about Rubio? He backs amnesty, which the donors love, and he doesn’t say anything that might incite the “mob,” i.e., ordinary Americans. What does Lowry think this is, the French Revolution? Does he think the people of America are going to murder their rulers if their interests are actually looked after by a man like Trump? Better to keep them under, to keep serving the establishment, with a conman like Rubio.

What is so radical about Trump? He wants to deport illegal aliens: good. He wants trade deals that benefit America: good. He wants to cut down immigration that’s hurting Americans: good. He wants to repeal ObamaCare: good. He wants to simplify and cut taxes: good. So what is so objectionable about Trump? These so called conservatives get hysterical whenever he’s mentioned, it makes you wonder if they aren’t dancing to a different tune than the one they say they are dancing to. Maybe we should “follow the money” after all, and conclude that it is the donors that are pushing all this “conservative” rage.

Frankly, I’ve never liked the idea of “following the money.” It seems cynical and grungy, like those old gangster movies from the ’30s with poor sound quality and a Tommy gun under every coat. But since the big differences between Trump and the other “more conservative” candidates are: deporting cheap workers; limiting the free flow of money by patriotic trade deals; a tax code without loopholes; etc. etc., perhaps it really is about the money. Perhaps it is that rich guys want policies that help them. Perhaps National Review, and all the “conservative” think tanks, really are on the dole, and thus dance to whatever the donors want. That would explain it quite nicely.