Cruz v. Corn Subsidies

by Right Wing Fighter

In an article from the 26th, Rich Lowry says that Cruz is “courageously” taking on the ethanol subsidies that the federal government pays to corn producers. He calls it an act of “reckless courage,” since Iowa is make-or-break for Cruz, and he goes on for a few paragraphs praising Cruz and taking a few shots at Trump. Of course, Trump is never far from Lowry’s mind. He lives there “rent-free” as Limbaugh would say. But anyhow, the point of the article is that while Cruz is bravely fighting those anti-free-market corn growers, Trump is kissing up to them with abandon. I can’t say if Trump is actually doing that or not, but here are a few thoughts I have:

First, corn subsidies are not that important. Yes, I suppose they do raise food costs since corn is a part of everything we eat. But there are more important things to worry about right now. For instance, immigration, ObamaCare, and our huge debt.

Second, to fight over a subsidy that could cost Cruz his entire shot at the presidency isn’t “reckless courage,” it’s more like stupidity. Nobody can get everything he wants in politics. Some things are non-negotiable of course, but corn subsidies aren’t one of them. To risk his whole campaign on such a small issue is absurd.

Third, why are corn subsidies important anyway? “Conservatives” for years have pilloried them for their anti-free-marketness, but exactly what is so important about them that they must be talked about like some huge gorilla that is just waiting to gobble up the GDP like a vending machine sandwich?

Again, I don’t like the idea of “following the money” since it sounds pretty cynical, but maybe NR doesn’t get much dough from corn growers, and so they can take shots at them to preserve their “conservatism.” That would explain it quite nicely.

Anyhow, you can read Lowry’s article here if you want: