Why Iraqi Democracy Failed

by Right Wing Fighter

The project that the Bush administration embarked on in Iraq, where it sought to turn a previously despotically-run, third world, Muslim country into a democratic nation overnight could not possibly have succeeded. Here is why:

First, a people that had no say in government for all their lives could not possible just become skilled public-minded citizens overnight. The British colonists who rebelled against Britain in 1775 had already had enormous experience in self government, since they had legislatures and other elective offices. The people of Iraq had no such training for democratic government, and were thus in over their heads. Government is a practical affair, and you cannot just take people who know nothing about it, give them the vote, and have it work. It is practically guaranteed to fail from the start.

Second, Iraq is a third world country with little of the civilization that we take for granted here in the west. Such a country is so close to the barbaric level of existence, relatively speaking, that mature democratic government is not possible. There will be too many petty squabbles about local affairs; too many people will revert to their guns and swords when they lose either elections or legislation that a democratic government will be at the mercy of strong men on every side.

Third, Islam is not conducive to democracy. Islam is not merely a religion, it is also a political structure that is completely at odds with western democracy. Islam establishes a theocratic government. Thus unless the government is completely in line with Islam, i.e., democratic in name only and in fact a theocracy, then there will be constant agitation to pull down the government and replace it with a theocracy.

The people that attempted to transform Iraq, to make it essentially into a little America, had no knowledge of what they were doing. They imagined that people were as changeable on the inside as a suitcase, and that after talking up the glories of American style government, that the people of Iraq would take hold of their country and make it into a little Kansas. People are not suitcases; their ideas are typically very hard to change. As such, the project could never have succeeded, since it would require the complete reshaping of an entire country.